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Gas Lines

Natural Gas Line Repair Services

Gas lines are an important part of the functioning of many homes and office buildings. The inherent dangers associated with gas make it imperative that gas work, installation, refitting and all other aspects are done by a qualified professional plumber.


At A to Z Plumbing, Inc., we have highly experienced plumbers that can test and locate your system using a variety of methods to quickly get you back in operation.

Some of the greatest dangers around your home may be unseen - such as gas leaks. Avoiding these unseen dangers and alerting your family to danger can be as simple as checking your appliances regularly and purchasing a few, affordable alarms.

Gas Service and Distribution

Gas service at your house begins at the gas meter. The gas flows through iron pipes, steel pipes, and poly pipes underground to your house. Gas enters the house and then goes up into your attic in iron pipes. In the attic the pipes may supply gas to a furnace and a water heater. The example we are showing here is the gas service and distribution in a typical residence with a slab foundation. In other types of structures the gas service lines may be under the floors. After the gas piping enters the attic it drops down in iron pipes inside the walls to provide service to ranges, dryers, water heaters, furnaces, and fireplaces. With this complex system of piping, pipe fittings, valves, and appliances, there is always a potential for a gas leak.


After you have discovered you have a gas leak and our technician arrives at your house, his first challenge is to locate the leak. This may require digging in the yard, crawling in the attic, removing wall paneling, and sometimes removing brick. After our technician locates the gas leak, he will use the illustrations above and make a recommendation on the best type of repair. These types of repairs usually require replacing, some piping, fittings, and/or valves.

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