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Trenton Builder Lic.# 13VH03698300

Plumbing NJ Lic.# 7176

Plumbing PA Lic.# 301

Residential & Commercial Plumbers Est.1974

Boilers & Furnaces

If your furnace or boiler is 10 - 20 years old, and you are experiencing discomfort or high utility bills,

A to Z Plumbing can help you evaluate your existing system. Often it will be more cost-effective to improve house insulation and air-tightness, repair or insulate ductwork, or tune up your system.


No one likes to lose heat or hot water. And when it's freezing cold outside, you want it repaired as quickly as possible. That's why homeowners in New Jersey have been relying on A to Z Plumbing since 1974. We care about our customers. We make emergency repairs our first priority of the day. Because we know if we do a good job when you need it most, you will remember A to Z Plumbing for all your heating and Plumbing needs.


  • Thermostat not working or a blank screen showing?
  • Water feeder not working?
  • Water leaking constantly from blow off valve, or back flow preventer (gold color brass valve)?
  • Pilot out?
  • Igniter not working?
  • Motor damper on top of your exhaust to your boiler not moving or working?
  • Zone valve not opening?


  • Thermostat not working or shows a blank screen ?
  • Pilot out ?
  • Igniter not working ?
  • Combustion motor not Operating?
  • Blower motor not Running or always running or making noise?

* Is furnace not staying on long enough to heat your home?

* Keeps going on/off and you need to keep resetting it through your power switch?

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